Enhanced Oral Cancer Screenings with OralID™

Oral cancer is often deemed the “forgotten disease” because it kills more people than testicular cancer, cervical cancer and brain cancer each year but receives little publicity. Each year, more than 30,000 Americans contract oral cancer, and only 57 percent of these people will live for more than five years without treatment.

Many people believe that if they abstain from tobacco and alcohol, oral cancer will not affect them. While tobacco and alcohol use do contribute to oral cancer, 25 percent of people diagnose do not use either substance.

Dr. Vann has joined forces with Forward Science, the manufacturer of OralID™, and is a provider of the ID For Life™ Program to promote early detection and public awareness of oral cancer in the office. Dr. Vann will be offering enhanced oral cancer screenings during scheduled appointments to new and current patients.

Oral Cancer is not a rare disease and unfortunately it is on the rise. This year, approximately 45,780 will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the United States alone. Due to late stage discovery, one American dies every hour from oral cancer.

About OralID and Cancer Screening

Dr. Vann uses an oral cancer screening device, OralID, in efforts to discover oral cancers in their earliest stages. Currently, 63% of oral cancers are found in late stages (stage III, IV), resulting in a 5-year survival rate of less than 50%. Finding these abnormalities in much earlier stages can increase the 5-year survival rate up to 80-90%. Those interested in receiving an oral cancer screening or learning more about our advanced technology implemented at Dr. Vann’s office, please contact our office at (703) 204-1555 and ask about our OralID screenings, or make an appointment today!