EvoraPro® (Oral Probiotics)

EvoraPro® oral probiotics give you the tools to help protect your dental care investment and your dentist and hygienist’s hard work.

Just after your professional dental cleaning, your mouth is at its freshest and cleanest and your teeth at their whitest. This is a good time to introduce EvoraPro to help extend those benefits.

  • Your professional cleaning has neutralized the undesirable bacteria in your mouth
  • EvoraPro establishes the beneficial bacteria essential to support good oral health
  • By continuing to dissolve one mint-flavored tablet on your tongue daily, EvoraPro maintains that proper balance of beneficial bacteria, establishing an optimal environment for gum and tooth health
  • EvoraPro naturally whitens teeth and freshens breath

EvoraPro oral probiotics are 100 percent natural and free of soy, wheat, nuts and gluten.