Is Your Misaligned Bite Causing Your Vertigo and Dizziness?

A 56 year-old woman, who just completed her orthodontic treatment, came in for a consultation regarding her symptoms. Her chief complaints were vertigo, which was triggered when she moves her head from side to side and dizziness. This made her stop driving. Other symptoms were: Loss of balance Pain on the left side of the neck and jaw Frequent stiff … Read More

Brush Your Teeth Like Your Life Depends On It

Individuals who wear dentures do not have to worry about oral-systemic interconnections; true or false? You would think since there are no teeth, gum disease cannot possibly take place. The answer is false. There are, however, the direct effects of the bacteria in the mouth on the vascular system. Even without the teeth and the sub-gingival (under the gums) environment, … Read More

Grinding My Life Away

In 1993, I was constantly experiencing pain in my right hip that radiated into my right ovary area. No one could explain why I was experiencing so much pain. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, and told that I would eventually need a complete hysterectomy if the pain intensified; I was 35 years old at the time. The pain persisted, and … Read More

Oral-Systemic Health Your Mouth Is the Window To Your Overall Health

Gum disease is now considered not just an oral disease, but also a systemic disease that needs to be addressed by a coordinated care team of both dental and medical professionals. Over the last year, research has found: Up to 50 percent of heart attacks are triggered by oral pathogens. Addressing visual and microbial gum disease slows if not reverses … Read More