Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Dental Insurance

Our practice does not belong to any plans.  We will make no contract agreements with anyone regarding something as important as your dental health, with anyone but you.  Our obligation is to you, the patient, and no third party will dictate to us what we should recommend to our patients. Insurance benefits the last 40 years have not kept up with inflation.  If it had kept up with the normal cost of living, we would see benefits of $4,000 to $6,000 per year.  When originally introduced in the 1970’s, the total yearly benefits were limited between, $750 to $1,500.  To date, most benefit plans still have the same maximum limits.

We will take whatever time is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis.  We will take the necessary time to help you understand your current level of dental health and be guided by the principle “WOULD I DO IT ON MYSELF” when recommending treatment.  We will help you understand your problem and your treatment choices, so that you may choose your care and there will be no compromises in rendering it.  We are your dental health advocates.  However, we are powerless to influence plan benefits negotiated between your employer and the insurance companies.  Only you, through your employer or the benefits manager at your company can do this.

Finally, the common theme today when dental benefit plans deny or reduce benefits is to imply that the care is not needed or the fee charged is too high.  We feel you are the best judge of your need, not a clerical person at an insurance company.  Our response to the insurance company regarding fees is that their benefits are too low.  Once again, you are the best judge whether our fees match the quality of care you are looking for.

Payment and Fees

Charges for professional services are due at the time dental care is provided.   We generally quote fees on a procedural basis.  We feel the fees in our practice reflect the high quality and personalized care we provide.  It is quite difficult to compare the fees of one dentist with another.  Fees do vary and the quality of the service varies even more. Our fees are based on maintaining a high level of commitment to continuing education, the skill, care and judgment necessary to provide the treatment, the time it takes to perform a service, having the latest materials and equipment, and the cost of maintaining and obtaining good staff.

My staff and I will be happy to discuss the fees with you at any time.  You will always be informed of the fee before any treatment begins.

For your convenience, we accept your personal check, cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  We feel cost should not prevent anyone from getting needed care.  In our experience, people get what they truly want and the desire to have a healthy mouth and a good-looking smile is no exception.